Monday, September 9, 2013

Singapore JBug - SCB talks Fuse

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A couple of weeks ago we held another iteration of the Singapore JBoss User Group. We managed to have an external speaker in which I was glad about. The man is Ramkumar K.B. and he works for Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) in Singapore. They're one of our local JBoss customers.

Ram spoke about how they applied the JBoss Fuse for a mobile banking application in Indonesia. It provided some interesting insight as to how people in the real world are making use of Fuse along with the process of building from scratch up to actually deploying the project live. Furthermore, it's interesting for us at JBoss because there is a drive towards a mobile application platform ( which will allow enterprises to swiftly and easily develop mobile applications for their businesses.

Naturally, Ram and his team were very happy with making use of our technology given that he proudly advertised that the number of lines of code was very low while using Fuse while comment lines were in abundance. The fact that they had the time to run these analytics alone was surprising enough!
Ram talking Fuse
The crowd was actually quite small, that's because we tried a new format - single content presentation and an earlier time in order to capture a more attentive audience. I think that even though there weren't many people present, the few who were there were very interested in the content presented by Ram and the discussions were very engaging.

Probably a good time here to express my thanks towards Ram and everyone in the Singapore team who helped put the event together.

What else am I up to?

Thought I'd add in an extra little plus here to tell you what else is happening and what else is around the corner. I have been helping some interns locally while they are building this year's Red Hat Challenge ( I'm pretty impressed with the quality and speed of their work and we have our fingers crossed that when the challenge goes live at the end of October it will go through smoothly. I'll be sure to write up a blog post on my thoughts there by the end of the project.

For the next JBug iteration, we are looking at having our next event at some point in the middle of October. Once again, keep your eyes and ears open for news on that.

As usual - thanks to all for reading up!

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